• One who will be responsible to the Principal for the child must introduce every candidate for admission in person.
  • New admissions will be made subject to availability of seats.
  • Students coming from recognized schools will not be admitted without the original Leaving Certificate from that school.
  • If they come from a recognized school outside the State they shall have their Leaving Certificate counter- signed by the inspecting authority of that State. (Transfer Certificate)
  • Pupils will be given admission only through proper channels. No special reference or recommendation will be entertained or considered.
  • The school management reserves the right to admit or retain students in the school.
  • Children (morning) and Designated Guardian (afternoon) should be present outside the main gate/ at the stop when the bus Drivers shall not blow the horn nor shall they wait for more than 15 seconds.
  • Discipline is an integrated part of Aakar and therefore, Children who display good behavior are respected and rewarded. Bullying is not tolerated at Aakar and we ask parents to let us know if they feel this is a concern.
  • A complete meal is served at lunchtime. This is a good time for all children to enjoy a quiet conversation which we consider to be a particularly important aspect of their social education. Menus for the week are available at the beginning of term. Alternatively parents can provide a homemade lunch for the child.

CBSE General Conditions:

A student seeking admission to any class in a 'School' will be eligible for admission to that Class only if he :
  • has been studying in a School recognised by or affiliated to this Board or any other recognised Board of Secondary Education in India;
  • has passed qualifying or equivalent qualifying examination making him eligible for admission to that Class;
  • satisfies the requirements of age limits (minimum and maximum) as determined by the State/U. T. Government and applicable to the place where the School is located.