Aakar Aims & Ethos
  • To Persuade children in the spirit of “Keep Moving Forward” so that they are always up and prepared to take on the challenges that life has to offer.
  • To Provide a safe and supportive environment that ensures children to become confident and self- motivated with a love for learning.
  • To Respect and appreciate the uniqueness of every child and work together as a partnership between school, home and the wider community.
  • To Provide successful and independent learning with a secure knowledge of literacy and education.
  • To Make children physically active and healthy.
  • To Induce creative thinking in every child so that they enjoy learning.
  • To Let children Become caring individuals with high expectations of ourselves and others.
  • To Develop ICT skills in readiness for our ever changing world.
  • To Help children in becoming a responsible Human being not only of our society but of the world at large.