Principal's Desk

The Aakar Public School aims to recognize and nurture all human intellect so that students and staff of diverse cultural and social backgrounds will accomplish their full academic and social potential. Our school atmosphere motivates pupil to develop into creative producers without fear of letdowns and troubles. Aakar firmly believes in equal opportunities for all students in several aspects of school life. By valuing each individual we wish to enhance self-respect and self-awareness so that the children feel value and gain an understanding and appreciation of the multi-cultural society in which we live. Indian culture has evolved over the past several millennia. It embodies close family ties, peaceful societal coexistence and reverence towards all forms of life as well as the environment. It considers the relationship between individual life, social life and the surroundings as an integrated whole. Aakar is committed to inculcate such Indian values in the roots.

“Together: building Knowledge, learning with Pride and aiming for Success”